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I started my fitness journey when I was 18 and first went off to college. I started weight lifting to change my appearance, get in shape, and gain more confidence and overall happiness. I was hooked since day one, I wanted to learn every training technique, what foods to eat, what supplements actually worked, and how to put all of these together to gain the best results. Since then I have come to try out many different styles of training, different diets, and supplements I have developed my own diet plan and workout regimen that works wonders. I have done all types of diets including carb cycling, intermittent fasting, Keto, and contest prep, all of which fit very well with different lifestyles and goals having their own amazing benefits.

Once I started to get my desired look I started having people asking me to train them to put on lean muscle and lose body fat. I have helped many people over the years from my sophomore year of college up until now train to get their desired physique and fitness goals. I obtained my ACE personal training certification to be able to help people with all of the knowledge I have gained over my six years on my fitness journey. I fell in love with helping people reach their fitness goals and that is exactly what I want to do for you! Personal training is my dream job and in this day and age online is a way that I can make sure I will be able to effect the most people in a positive and more cost effective way for them.

Custom Training Plans

Everybody has different fitness and lifestyle goals so it wouldn't make sense for me to just have a couple different plans for you to choose from. Every person that wants to be on the AKFitness team will be given a personalized training program and diet to fit their specific fitness goals. Whether you are someone who is looking to get back into shape, gain muscle, lose fat, increase strength, or do a bodybuilding or powerlifting competition there is not one program that will work for everyone. I'll ask you a series of questions and over time through trial and error we will find the plan that works best for YOU! I am available everyday for questions and instruction, weekly check ins will let me assess your progress real time and make changes to your routine.

Custom Diet Plan

Everyone gets a nutrition plan based off of their body type and dietary restrictions. We have weekly checkins to make sure your current plan is working and we will make changes as needed. This is SUPER important because diet is about 65%-75% of your total results!!

Personalized App

Full application will allow you to access and track your custom workouts and nutrition plans and complete check-ins. Also the message feature will allow you to have 24/7 accessories to your trainer.

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Client Reviews :

"Alex is the best! He pushes you to be the best you which is the greatest part."

— Thomas Raybon

“The best trainer ever”

-Fatima M…

“Alex is the best trainer I have worked with. Really recommend!”

-Ago Pozzi

”One of the best trainers I have ever had. From eating right to providing unique workout experiences and stretching, its been great”

-Paul Atkins